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Leather Bags and Accessories
Course in Tuscany

This individual leather bag making course is for all those who wish to develop their bag collection based on standard bag structures and need to understand how bags are made from A to Z.

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We start with an initial consultation regarding your bag collection. Let's verify the shapes, measures, colours, materials and accessories. This first step is essential, it allows you to clarify all your ideas.

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Then we proceed with bag pattern-making and we create a micro-fibre / paper bag prototype that allows us to verify the bag's dimensions and design before producing it in leather / non-leather material. 

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We create a first bag prototype sewn by hand or an arm machine. It allows us to check the sewing process, the performance of the materials, supports, reinforcements and metal accessories.

This course is tailored to your needs.

Find out how bags are made using Italian bag making artisanal techniques, learning from industry experts with thirty years of experience.



Discover a unique, very particular method to sew bags entirely by hand without use of any industrial machinery.

It can be very useful for those who work at home and do not have the possibility / space for machinery.


Machine Sewn

Discover a classic method of sewing bags using the arm machine. 

  It can be very useful for those who have the arm machine at home and would like to learn the different sewing techniques.

How you can participate in one of our "Leather Bags and Accessories Making Course"?

Introduction Course of 60 hours - 4 months

The 4-month course allows you to make a complete and personalized path regarding the development of your bag collection.

Our calendar is personalized, like all our courses. The date and times are decided in agreement between the bag making expert and the participant.

Corso Modellista Borse Toscana

Intensive Individual Course of 40 hours - 1 week

The 1 week course has been created for all those arriving from outside Tuscany. 5 very intense days that will allow you to have a good introduction to the world of bag design, bag pattern-making and bag sample-making.

Our calendar is personalized, like all our courses. The date and times are decided in agreement between the bag making expert and the participant.


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I feel fortunate to have found the Association Bagartus. The teacher Lorella Ceccanti is a great professional who, with great humility and generosity, infinite patience and extreme competence, taught me much more than I would have expected without sparing herself. Her teachings have proved invaluable to continue my craft business. I am grateful, and I can't thank her enough.
Thanks to Damian, another great professional, for his beautiful photos and excellent business advice. This association/school is highly recommended whether you are already in the industry or want to go into it, maybe discovering a new hobby or a new talent.

Corso Modelleria Borse.jpg


Wonderful course! I have learned so much about this beautiful profession (I still have so much to learn), and I must admit that I did not imagine being able to do everything I have done.
All thanks to Bagartus, mainly Lorella and Damian. 
Lorella is an excellent teacher, and her knowledge is possible only for someone who has a life inserted in the bag making sector. She and Damian are always accommodating, kind and professional. They are very good people, and I hope to always learn something from them because it is always a pleasure.

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"At the end of these months of training, I come out with a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable, to say the least, thanks to which I am sure I will always be able to continue to give the best in my creations. 
Thanks to my super teacher Lorella, present in the leather goods and bag accessories sector for more than 30 years, designing and planning exclusive models for important national and international brands. 
Thanks very much to Damian for the shots of my bags during the course."

Discover the creations of our participants on our Instagram

Studio fotografico

Additional services

We have many external collaborators who can help you finish your project to the maximum.

Bag Pattern - Making and Prototyping design studio that can assist you with development of your bag collection.

- Tanneries.

- Tuscan Metal Accessories / Hardware Artisans that will help you create your own customized fasteners, bag lock, metallic accessories etc.

- Companies that provide all the tools needed to make the bags.

- Photo & Video production team.


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