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Intensive Individual Course

The date of the weekly Intensive Individual Course and its type is decided between
the student and the teacher.

Duration: 5 days (Mon-Fri), for a total of 40 hours

Scheduled hours: 9:00 - 13:00 / 14:00 - 18:00

Examples of courses created based on customised requests:

1. Intensive Individual Course of Bag Pattern Making and Prototyping.


The course is followed in most cases by people who live outside Tuscany, far from our headquarters, who cannot, for reasons of distance, attend the 4 hours per week course of the "Basic Bag Pattern - Making and Prototyping" for at least four months.


During the week of the course, the basics of bag pattern-making and prototyping will be addressed by manually executing the bag patterns. Afterwards the first micro-fibre prototypes will be made with all the various types of components and a choice of metallic accessories so you can customise your prototypes.



2. Individual Intensive Course of Hand-Sewn Bags.


This programme includes the manual creation of various bag types such as shopping, the bucket, the trunk, the clutch bag by putting into practice advanced hand sewing techniques.

In order to make the bags according to your preference, you will be given the opportunity to choose materials among numerous fine eco-leathers in a wide range of colours.

This course is aimed at bag enthusiasts, where they will learn how to make their bags without the need for specialised leather goods machinery, but by sewing them entirely by hand.



3. Individual Intensive Design Assistance Course for the development of your bag collection.


Our bag design laboratory works in collaboration with a famous Design Studio that has been working for luxurious brands for years. Within which the student will be able to find any product, from materials to the latest trend metallic accessories and information on future design trends. In this way you will be given the opportunity to know all the fundamental aspects in order to build a perfect bag.


During the course the knowledge of pattern making and the production process is taken to the next level. New bag patterns are developed based on personal designs. Guided visits are carried out with experts from professional leather goods sector, in the best tanneries within the tanning district and in the laboratories of the "Artisan Masters of Florence" for the craftsmanship of metallic accessories.

National and international companies require this Individual Intensive Course for the training of their professionals such as product managers.

A complete service based on knowledge from every sector that includes the world of luxury leather goods.



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