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Associazione Bagartus

Training. Guidance. Inspiration.

Since we started, our goal has always been to help people follow their dreams.


Thanks to our team of passionate experts, exceptional staff and a community of talented students, we have managed to create an organization that aims to offer training, guidance and an excellent support network.


BAGARTUS training method is unique and highly personalized. It represents the ideal environment to cultivate creativity, train and encourage students to achieve maximum success.

We strive every day to provide you with the skills and practical experience necessary for your future success, both personally and professionally.


The Bagartus Team

We help our students to grow professionally


Paolo Melani

President - Expert in the tanning sector

He is an extremely precise person, who knows how to get the best  out of students within their courses, sharing the intrinsic passion for fashion and providing them with lessons that will surely be useful during their professional and personal life.

Paolo Melani stands out in the leather goods sector and especially as a Tuscan artisan. Over the years he has achieved huge success and reached a top professional levels as a pattern maker and a technical and creative designer. He has worked freelance but also in collaboration with important brands in the Italian luxury industry.

Lorella Ceccanti

Vice President  - Courses in Bag Design, Pattern - Making and Prototyping

Traveling around the world for years has allowed her to accumulate a wealth of experiences and knowledge. Today Lorella Ceccanti is excited to share her expertise and techniques with her students.


Art and creativity have always been a passion within her life. Initially dedicating herself to painting, she then pursued her dream of becoming a leather goods and fashion accessories designer.


She boasts a thirty-year career in the fashion industry thanks to prestigious collaborations with national and international fashion designers and brands.

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