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Bag Making & Handsewing Course

Our completely hand-sewn bags can be made at home without any machinery.
This technique is perfect for those who want to create unique pieces of the highest quality and fully manage the production part.


Everything starts from here

The programme includes the manual creation of various bag types such as shopping, the bucket, the trunk, the clutch bag by putting into practice advanced manual crafts techniques.

In order to make the bags according to your preference, you will be given the opportunity to choose materials among numerous fine eco-leathers in a wide range of colours.

This course is aimed at bag enthusiasts, where they will learn how to make their bags without the need for specialised leather goods machinery, but by sewing them entirely by hand.

Option 1.
Duration: 4 months
(4 hours per week, on Saturday or on a day of the week)
Our calendar is personalized, like all our courses. The date and times are decided in agreement between the teacher and the student.

Option 2.
Intensive Individual Course 

Corso di Modelleria Borse - Bagartus Pisa

Corso di Modelleria Borse - Bagartus Pisa