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Basic Course - Sewing Machinist

Let's Grow Together

We teach:

-  How to apply sewing techniques by using a flat and arm machine,

-  How to apply procedures for the setup of the sewing machine, for routine maintenance and for the restoration of any anomalies,

-  How to carry out quality control of the seams, checking compliance with the standards and identifying / correcting any defects and anomalies on the sewn products.
- How to read the bag pattern and identify the different parts that make it up,


The program will include the creation of two bags such as the speedy bag and the pochette through the implementation of stitching and assembly techniques. There will be the possibility to choose the materials to be used among numerous fine eco-leathers in a wide range of colours.

Duration - 3 months
Saturday from 9:00 until 13:00

Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels.jpg


Associazione Bagartus 
Via Sandro Pertini 12, Calcinaia (PI

+39 335 625 4558

+39 349 763 5908

C.F. 90061620507

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