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Are you fascinated by the world of fashion? Do you dream of working as a fashion designer? Do you have talent, imagination, creativity and would you like to demonstrate it? Now you can, by signing up to our completely free contest. You can fulfill your dream of becoming a Fashion Designer Bag & Accessories.

Bag Design Contest

Creativity never stops !

Participating is simple, just send a bag design by the month of JULY 2020, designed with maximum creative freedom, decorated with a metal accessory (such as flap closure, metal chains, carabiners, rings, etc.) The design must be inspired by the season "SPRING / SUMMER 2021".



All material must be sent via email to the following address:



The competition is aimed at all fans of fashion and in particular of the "Bags" (men's or women's bags), with no age limit. Remember to attach a short presentation together with the drawing (name, your address, age etc.). To participate in the competition you must be at least 16 years of age, for the validity of your participation it is a legally requirement for a written and signed authorization from a parent or guardian with a photocopy of a form of identity such as passport, driving license etc. The authorization for processing in accordance with law 675/96 and subsequent. The authorization for publication which will take place only in the event of victory.



All offensive and / or racist material will not be taken into consideration. The competition does not include cash prizes. All designs that are not be chosen will be disregarded and absolutely disclosed in full respect of the rights imposed by law.



The winner will be notified by e-mail and will be invited, rewarded and celebrated, in our BAGARTUS design studio (on a date yet to be determined) where he/she will be given the opportunity to give an interview, to introduce himself/herself and to make the world of leather aware of his/her designs. The awarded prize will be a "ONE DAY IN BAGARTUS" where the designer can improve his/her design at a technical level, with professional advise from the leather industry. The winner will also be invited to the prestigious Florentine company, a supplier of excellent materials such as "CLARINO CRUST" and Art "ASCITA" which constitutes an absolute innovation in the panorama of materials used in leather goods sector; combining style, taste, respect for the environment and unrivalled sustainability. The leading supplier company is DICART GROUP S.P.A.



Under the description of the "Bag Design Contest" you will find the trend videos prepared by MATERIAL PREVIEW ( for Spring / Summer 2021 - Get Inspired !


Contacts - Bagartus Association

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